Our Philosophy

An Overriding Commitment to Compassionate, Quality Patient Care


Our Mission

Draeger Chiropractic is a progressive leader in health & wellness that is committed to serving our community through excellence in compassionate, quality patient care.


Our Vision

To promote wellness and to relieve pain naturally without the use of drugs or surgery.


Our Values

Draeger Chiropractic is dedicated to delivering unrivaled patient care through excellence in service, relentless passion, and a sound business practice. Draeger chiropractic will continuously strive to improve its practice by investing in state of the art technology and continuous training to better serve our patients.


Our Technology

Begins with a state of the art digital X-Ray machine used for precise diagnostic capability which leads to various treatments such as Decompression, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Uultrasound and our new High Intensity Laser Treatment (HILT).