Decompression / Disc Bulge and Chiropractic

Decompression for a bulging disc is a chronic pain condition affecting the spine and surrounding areas, also causing numbness and weakness to the area. It occurs when the soft cushiony material between the vertebrae of the spine is damaged. The soft spinal discs provide flexibility to the back and protect the spinal nerves so they can reach their destination. Damaged discs are the beginning of a painful progression of problems that can culminate in a disc bulge or protrusion. The disc pushes out like a squeezed balloon or herniates, causing pressure on the spinal cord or exiting spinal nerves. If the disc begins to pinch the delicate nerves that pass through the spine, it becomes a major source of pain for the patient.

The fibrous outer portion of the discs is tough and resilient. However, repeated pressure on the discs wears them out until eventually the fibers break down. Heavy lifting, bad posture and any other repetitive tasks in an unnatural position can erode the discs and cause a disc bulge. Cracks, tears and fluid loss in discs from aging can cause the jelly-like material inside the disc to herniate, resulting in radiating pain.


Successful treatment of a disc bulge means long-term pain relief and reducing symptoms so that you can return to your active worry-free lifestyle without surgery. Dr. Draeger will first go over your medical history and verify that you have a disc bulge through a process of physical examination, questions and testing your muscles, reflexes and nerve function. An x-ray, MRI or other diagnostic imaging might be necessary to obtain an exact understanding of your condition. Disc bulge treatment may include spinal decompression and other spine stretching techniques lengthening the space between vertebrae and reducing pressure on pinched nerves. Additionally, comprehensive physical therapy and core strengthening will be necessary, giving you the tools and information to help yourself recover and return to your everyday life.


Dr. Draeger has treated patients with disc bulges for many years, and nearly all of them have recovered successfully without surgery. Our clinic focuses on long term pain relief, not just relieving symptoms but getting to the source of your specific condition and implementing effective treatment to heal your body for good. With state-of-the-art technology, medical expertise and thorough experience with physical therapy, Dr. Draeger is equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to get you out of pain and on your feet again.