Hip Pain and Chiropractic

Hip pain is a dull ache that can make it hard to move or cross your legs, get up from a seated position and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you are feeling especially sharp hip pains when you get out of bed in the morning or get into your car, you may be suffering from a serious condition in need of urgent treatment. Your body relies on your hips and legs to support your body, providing you with the flexibility and mobility to have an active life. For the same reasons, your hips are also subject to a great deal of stress when the body is overused and misused.

Sitting and posture problems can lead to spinal compression, misalignment, disc bulges and herniations, resulting in increased pressure on the hips and legs. Excessive pressure on the hip from prolonged pressure may cause the cartilage surrounding the joint to erode, leading to arthritis, bringing with it swelling and sharp pain. An acute injury, like from a fall or accident can also tear, weaken or otherwise harm the cartilage surrounding the hip socket. Decreased blood flow to the hip area is also cause for pain. In older patients, a lifetime of heavy lifting, exertion and hard work can deteriorate the hip region and lead to degenerative conditions.


First, Dr. Draeger will take a look at your medical history and take note of your symptoms, then perform a physical examination to get to the source of your hip condition and make a diagnosis. Once the particularities of your condition have been assessed, an appropriate treatment plan will be decided. Treatment may involve manual manipulation and alignment of the hips, spine or legs, as the hip region is complex and influenced by neighboring parts of the body. Ice or heat therapy may be needed to reduce pain. Passive hip motion, through physical therapy or a device, can aid in healing the tissues surrounding the socket. Decompression of the spine may be necessary, involving muscle stimulation exercises and electrical stimulation therapy to bring strength to the affected regions. Dr. Draeger may also recommend changes to your lifestyle to aid in healing your condition.


Dr. Draeger has seen many patients enduring hip pain, and has the experience and expertise to help you heal your hip and return to an active life. Our clinic offers the best in medical technology, high quality healthcare services and expert physical therapy to get to the source of your condition and get you out of pain in no time.