Personal Injuries and Chiropractic

Personal injuries are any and all injuries sustained from work-related activities, auto accidents or other afflictions caused by another person, company or product. Personal injuries may involve neck and back pain, soft tissue damage, or possibly erosion to joints from overexertion of one part of the body. Whiplash is one of the most common personal injuries, involving headaches, severe neck, back, arm and leg pain. Pain in the neck, shoulders, or back can range from dull to throbbing as tension and muscle soreness build and leave the patient in a state of agony.

The causes of personal injuries are wide ranging. Whiplash is often sustained from a vehicular accident. Ligaments and soft tissues are damaged in the upper back and neck from the impact of a sudden acceleration and deceleration in movement of the head. Lower back pain can be the result of heavy lifting. Chronic injuries to tissues and joints may happen from operating machinery. Work-related injuries can involve working long hours in conditions unnatural to the body, having a detrimental effect on overall health.


Many personal injuries require patience and time to be healed. Dr. Draeger offers personal injury care and can help you in the process of filing necessary insurance claims. Chiropractic care has proven to be extraordinarily beneficial in healing injuries to the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems sustained from auto and work-related accidents. Dr. Draeger will first examine your medical history, consider the nature of your accident and symptoms, then perform a physical examination and determine the appropriate treatment plan. Treatment may include manual manipulations to the injured region to decompress and realign the structural integrity of the region, resolve joint pain, muscle spasms and improve range of motion. Ice and heat therapy, ultrasound, massage and electrical muscular stimulation bring blood flow to the affected soft tissues to encourage healing. Dr. Draeger will counsel you on an at-home exercise regimen to manage your injury outside the office and produce long term results.


Dr. Draeger has treated many patients suffering from personal injuries including work-related, auto accidents and other conditions, not just treating symptoms, but seeing them through full recoveries so that they return to their usual lives. Our clinic’s healing approach includes state-of-the-art medical technology, thorough physical therapy and healthcare expertise from a specialist working with personal injuries of all kinds. Dr. Draeger will get you out of pain and back to your regular active life and routine.