Your Chiropractic Wellness Journey

Our approach to Chiropractic Wellness

Finish The Journey Back To Muscle Stability

Chiropractic wellness is all about working to get you back to the beginning. It is a journey all the way back to where you are stable — where you have true muscle stability. It will take consistent treatment and commitment to your health, and it will take time.

A man walks down a path illustrating his healing journey

The trap of the “Quick-fix” healthcare

In this country we don’t do healthcare anymore, we do sick care. Because of this, so many suffer because of a simple misdiagnosis. Your body is one system containing many systems, and if it’s to be treated effectively, it must be treated as a whole.

Once the symptom goes away, many doctors will say, “Great! Call me back if it gets worse.”

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

—C. S. Lewis

“Band-aid” pain treatment isn’t enough

When treatments don’t address the interconnections in the body, all you have done is put on a band-aid instead of fully correcting the issue. All the while, you’re going further down the road of degeneration, silently causing premature aging and mechanical breakdown. We call this “band-aid” care.

bandaid treatments don't work

It’s Not Just About a Short-Term “Feeling Better”

Many times, we see patients who are coming in for the first time and it takes 3 treatments to help them feel better. Unfortunately, as soon as the pain subsides they stop coming in.

Months later, they return in pain, but 3 treatments aren’t enough to correct the issue. Instead, it takes 8 or more treatments to relieve their pain. Once again they disappear for years only to come back debilitated with pain. They say, “Doc, I have been here numerous times, why am I not getting better?”

Proper treatment takes time and shouldn’t be divided into short bursts of pain relief followed by long periods that allow the situation to worsen. You can’t find a band-aid big enough to correct that scenario.

What you can expect in your first chiropractic visit:

Dr. Draeger of Draeger Chiropractic consults with a patient

We listen to you

You understand what happened to you and where you hurt. For us, understanding your situation and history is the first key to guide the healing process. Sharing your experience with Dr. Draeger is a critical part to your healing journey.

Dr. Draeger looks over the shoulder of a female staff member

We are committed to a thorough and accurate diagnosis

Your diagnosis is the key to your recovery. Many healthcare practitioners are content to assume they know your pathway back to health. Our scientific commitment is to assume nothing. We will walk you through a full examination, using X-Ray and even MRI if your injury requires it.
A hand points to discs in a model of the spine

We help you understand

Our next meeting is to help you to understand what is happening in your body. Pain in your body, especially when you don’t understand it, can be very scary. We first let you know where you are today, what your options are, and our recommendation for treatment.
Innovative treatments - Atlas PROfilax - treating the cause not merely symptoms

We treat the cause, not chase the symptoms

We treat the entire problem. It’s not just the bone. Not just the soft tissue. Not just the nerves. The body’s systems are so interconnected — each piece must be addressed in order to correct the whole. Our techniques integrate fine-tuned spinal and extremity skeletal adjustments, high-intensity laser treatments, accurately targeted leading-edge treatments such as AtlasPROfilax.

We will provide you with all options available

Draeger Chiropractic is committed to do everything in our power to help you rediscover health, as quickly as possible. We will provide you with all options available, along with the costs and the expected duration of treatment. If Dr. Draeger feels that he cannot help you, he will provide you with honest feedback of other exploratory options that best suit your needs.

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