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What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Adjustments are a non-invasive way of pain treatment that helps the body heal itself more naturally. Physical manipulation is used to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury caused by a traumatic event.

We live in a society where if we can’t see it or feel it, it must not be real. If it isn’t broken (too bad), we don’t fix it. However, physiological problems appear on a spectrum — with damage on one end and pain on the other. It starts small.

Damage often starts small.

Your body will whisper before it screams. By the time it is screaming, you have got a long way to get back. When your body is out of alignment, it usually first shows up with a little soreness. So you maybe take ibuprofen. Over time, it escalates. Looking for relief, you go get a massage, maybe take some other medication, or maybe get a steroid shot. Then one day, you bend over for your socks and you can’t get back up. (Hint: your socks are not the problem.)

Relief tends to come quickly

When you begin Chiropractic care, the symptoms start to resolve quickly. You do feel better, but the truth is you have started a journey — you have gone an inch on a mile-long journey. Many times, people come in the first time and it takes three adjustments to feel better. Then they leave. Three months later they are back in, but this time it takes 8 visits to feel better. Then they disappear for two years, and come in and say, “Doc, I have been here 20 times, why am I not getting better?” Now you can’t find a band-aid big enough.

Lasting results requires a commitment

All the while, you’re going further down the road of degeneration and wearing out. All you have done is put a band-aid on your problem, instead of fully correcting the issue. We call this “band-aid” care. Everybody wants the magic pill. Those pills have made you dependent upon them. They only cover and mask, never fix. If it was a magic pill, you wouldn’t need it again.

Back to the beginning

In Chiropractic care, our work is to get you back to the beginning — all the way back to where you have true muscle stability. It takes 12 months to train a muscle. Look around you, there is no magic pill. This takes commitment, work, and consistency.

Isn’t your health worth that?

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