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Knee Pain and Chiropractic

Knee pain is an unfortunately common condition, affecting people of all ages, making it difficult to climb stairs, walk or leave the house. The knee joint bears more weight and endures more stress than any other joint in the body. For this reason, the knee is also more susceptible to injury. The knee bends in one direction very well, going from a straight-forward position to bending backwards, but the knee joint is not built to turn or twist. Acute injuries from sports, accidents or falls can bring sudden pain and stress to your life, while chronic pain can sneak up on you and turn easy tasks into painful undertakings.Excessive sudden force from falls, twists, sports injuries or auto accidents can provoke the knee joint to torque, or rotate, causing damage to the tendons or ligaments, or even dislocation of the kneecap. Too much stress on the joint being bent in sideways motions can cause the knee to have difficulty gliding in a straight line. This poor tracking ability, often the result of joint stress from a routine of running or from kneeling during heavy lifting, can inflame and erode the meniscus, or cartilage in the knee joint, resulting in pain, dysfunction and arthritis if left untreated. Foot problems and muscle imbalances can also erode cartilage by bring abnormalities to the gait and shifting weight onto one part of the knee, painfully affecting the knee’s ability to bend properly.


Dr. Drager has the knowledge and experience of treating many patients with various conditions causing knee pain. As the knee is a complex joint involved in most actions of the body, personal medical history and symptoms will be taken into consideration as well as a physical examination of the knee joint, and surrounding muscles and joints that affect the knee. Dr. Draeger will observe how your knee is tracking while you walk, and may recommend a treatment of manual manipulation of the knee, readjustment and realignment of the spine, and a regimen of foot exercises, stretching and strengthening of the muscles on the leg and around the knee. Changes may be recommended in footwear and arch supports to help in keeping your knee aligned right so that it can heal.


Your knee condition can worsen if a medical professional does not see it. Dr. Draeger’s chiropractic treatment of the knee involves physical therapy, manual manipulations and adjustments that will not only get you out of pain but heal you for the long term. Our clinic offers the best medical technology, thorough healthcare and physical therapy expertise to cure you of your knee pain by getting to the source of your condition.

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